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ABIS  takes environmental protection as its purpose, and actively expands its business map.
The industry spans medical materials and machinery, medical mask, functional membranes, AIRPCS inflatable packaging material, and metal surface treatments, to sustain the earth forever.

ABIS Division

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AFP Division

Acid Free Pickled Surface

ECO | Non-acid and Non-toxic | Saving Time | Reinforced and Durable | Cost Saving

"Environmental protection and innovation" business policy, serious professional attitude, stable and excellent quality, practical experience creates expertise and provide the most professional services.

Medical Deivce Division

Masks, mask equipment, medical materials manufacturing

Film Division

Functional film has a wide range of applications: masks, face masks, band AID, sanitary napkins, protective clothing...

Packaging Division

AIRPCS inflatable packaging, recycled content material, vacuum bag, stretch film... etc.

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AFP Division

New surface treatment process to replace hydrochloric acid:
Pickling, phosphating, beading, spraying, rust removal, wire rod, steel profile, steel coil, handle, screws, hardware parts, components, forgings, alloy parts


Medical Deivce Division

Masks, mask equipment, medical materials manufacturing

Film Division

Beauty Products (Instant Mask, Forehead Patch, Acne Patch), Air Filtration, Waterproof And Moisture Permeable, Water Filtration, Wound dressing, Oil Absorption Material, Nano Heat Insulation And Heat Resistant Fiber, Fuel Cell Proton Exchange Membrane, Lithium Battery Diaphragm, Mask Filter , Membrane, Protective Suit

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